Artist Statement

My work is inspired by natural phenomenon and the juxtaposition of human interaction, either through recognizable or perceived images. I have always been fascinated by natural textures that exist in the real world; and replicating textural tension on canvas with paint that pushes human perception, has been a life long pursuit.


As in nature, my paintings lack boundaries, and explore possibilities. I utilize both control of the medium and an allowance for accidental execution and spontaneous behavior of the medium itself. It is my response to the unsettling ambiguity between random acts and carefully planned creative decisions.


Although I have gone through phases utilizing different mediums, from glass to fabric, I have once again returned to the large scale canvas. The exploration of texture initiated my experimentation with a variety of mediums resulting in my current application of mixing fiberglass resin, ceramic material, and paint pigments. I have discovered a pallet of a wide variety of colors in the process, that connects me back to natural origins, its beauty and its contrasts.


Since I was 15 years old, I have been commissioned by some extraordinary individuals, both for commercial applications like hotels, restaurants, and high-end furniture stores, as well as for galleries and a wide range of residential installations all over the United States. Painting for me is a journey of continued exploration and discovery. Providing a peaceful experiment, which is a way for me to share with others, something unique and beautiful.